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The Hunting Estate

Discover the thrill of hunting wildlife at the moste exclusive Safari Resort in the Erongo Mountains in Namibia.
Here you can experience the tranquility and solitude of a fantastic, sheer endless landscape full of biodiversity and excitement tailored to your wishes. Our hunting area is located at the northern part of the 200 000 hectares Erongo Mountain Rhino Sanctuary Trust (EMRST) - one of Southern Africa's largest private nature reserves.

The impressive mountain landscape, formed of ancient volcanic boulders, offers great scenic variation and favours a thriving flora and fauna.

The wide variety of vegetation zones, from dry savannah around the transitory zone to rugged mountain landscapes, creates a valuable habitat for many species and a range of safaris such as guided plains game hunting and leopard hunting.  In order to neither limit the game nor destroy our own sense of freedom and space, there are no gates and cattle fences within our hunting area. Even endangered species such as the black rhino and the black-faced impala have been given the opportunity to win back their original habitat.

The Private Game Reserve

This property embodies the dream of hunting, by housing within its boundaries at least 19 species of mammals among which there are 4 huntable carnivores in addition to the wide array of antilopes indigenous to the area.

Back in 1984, when we settled in the Erongo Mountains – a region largely dedicated to cattle, sheep and goat farming – we quickly saw the potential of establishing an Active Nature Conservancy, that this was one of the most attractive regions in Namibia, as well as one of the richest in game.

Right from the start, we dreamed of establishing in this widely diverse tract of land a nature reserve, financed by trophy hunting. But many years were to pass before this dream finally came true.

The first milestone was passed in the year 2000, when the Erongo Mountain Nature Conservancy (Hegering) was founded. Today, our indigenous game species can pass more or less unhindered through the nature reserve, which stretches over some 200,000 hectares of land.

By removing all fences, we want to ensure that game can move around freely. We’re proud to have restored the habitat to its original, unspoiled condition, and enjoy the “give and take” with nature in this unique region.

In 2007, we notched up another major success: the reintroduction of the black rhinoceros, an endangered species.

The region is now also home to the world’s largest private population of black nose impalas.

The most recent milestone to have been passed was the foundation of the Mountain Rhino Sanctuary Trust, a charity which aims to further develop the internationally recognised nature reserve.

We support this most positive development, both with our Herzog Hunting enterprise as well as with our family-run business, Omaruru Beverages (Pty) Ltd.

Some of the proceeds from the sale of each bottle of the famous OASIS mineral water are channelled into the project.

The collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism is unique and is maintained intensively by both parties.

Namibia was the first country to incorporate nature conservation into its constitution – exemplary and to the greater good of everybody.