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Family run hunting operator in Namibia

At Herzog Hunting, our team of professional hunters, will provide you with one of the best possible hunting experience available in Namibia. Located in the Erongo Mountain we are a family-run business founded in 1984 by Ulrike and Hubert Herzog. We at Herzog Hunting offer you an unforgettable experience in plains game hunting on one of the largest hunting farms in Namibia.

We’ve now been living this dream for thirty years, but the endless expanses, the lifestyle, the animals, hunting safaris and the country have lost nothing of their charm.

Our three sons Maximilian, Ferdinand and Friedrich grew up here, and have always regarded Namibia as their home.

Sustainable and safe hunting trips

Ethical hunting, guests who come again and again, and an exciting safe country with an excellent wildlife population all play their part in making Herzog Hunting a success.

As a second string to our bow, we founded Omaruru Beverages (Pty) Ltd. in 1990. This is the first and largest mineral water spring in the country. All three of our sons are actively involved in our family business.

Our Team