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The Oryx are a genus of desert-dwelling antelope from Africa and Arabia. They belong to the subfamily of horse antelope (Hippotraginae). Oryx are recognizable by the long, thin straight horns, the relatively short mane, the bump on the shoulder and big hooves.

The thin coat is white with black, gray and / or brown markings. They have a shoulder height of 81 to 120 cm and a body weight of 65 to 200 kilograms. The horns 38 to 127 inches long. Oryx are well adapted to life in the desert.
They can be extended period of time without water, and they may be high in the body temperature rises on. In the heat of the day searching the animals cool in the sparse shade. There are three to four types.

Two species, the Scimitar Oryx from North Africa and the Arabian oryx are severely threatened in the wild as well as extinct. The third kind, the oryx, on the other hand very common and occurs in a large part of southern and eastern Africa. 

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