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Hunting Estate

Discover the thrill of hunting wildlife at the exclusive “Omurenga safari resort” in the Erongo Mountains in Namibia. Here you can experience the tranquility and solitude of a fantastic, sheer endless landscape full of biodiversity and excitement tailored to your wishes. Our hunting area is located at the northern part of the 200 000 hectares Erongo Mountain Rhino Sanctuary Trust (EMRST) - one of Southern Africa's largest private nature reserves. The impressive mountain landscape, formed of ancient volcanic boulders, offers great scenic variation and favours a thriving flora and fauna. The wide variety of vegetation zones provides choice and variety of safari hunting methods such as guided plains game hunting and leopard hunting

Hunt & Hunting season 

  • The hunt always follows ethical principles.

  • The hunting season is from February 1 to 30 November.

  • The hunting season for game birds is in August.

  • We always conduct a preliminary assessment to ascertain the physical fitness and shooting skills of our guests.

  • We hunt at dawn for approx. 3 – 4 hours, and again in the late afternoon for roughly 3 hours. Between hunts, you are free to relax and enjoy yourself.

  • Generally, the terrain on which we hunt is hilly to mountainous – sometimes even “high alpine”. Naturally, we also offer high seat hunting. Guests are accompanied by a professional hunter.

  • The Erongo is home for all the originally endemic species and has no fences or closed gates, and ideal spot for safe unfenced hunting.

  • Other non-endemic species can be booked with us and hunted in other areas.

  • Only mature and old animals are hunted to ensure the sustainability of a varied and healthy game population. Consequently, we do not hunt the prime males but rather the "oldest ". This is in line with the rating method of the "Erongo Record Book".

  • Trophies are selected based on the measurements listed in the “Erongo Record Book for African Game Animals”.

  • Safe handling of the gun is a top priority! Stalking with loaded guns is not permitted. Loading only takes place when the trophy animal has been identified and a save shot is possible.

  • Wounded and lost game (despite intensive tracking measures) is deemed as killed. It is the hunting guide's or professional hunter's decision on when to interfere in case an animal has been wounded.

  • We have the following rifles available for hire: .375 H&H, 8x68 S, 300 Win Mag., 30-06, 243 Win. Mag. and many more. Please consider carefully before bringing your own rifle. If you decide to do so, you will need to fill in a form (available from us or from airport customs) to obtain a temporary licence

  • General information on hunting in Namibia can be found at www.napha-namibia.com.

Service & Arrival

When you book a safari package with us, we will organise the transfers from and to the airport for you. If you prefer to travel by yourself, maybe because you plan a touristic trip after the safari, please use the directions displayed on the road map. Should you have interest in any touristic program during the hunting safari, we will be happy to offer you a rental car as well.


Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any further questions.



 Map Erongo Namibia
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